Slim Cinema

In December of 2016, we partnered with Slim Cinema and Genius for their second installment of the vertical film festival. With food provided by Bareburger, drinks provided by Ciroc and Bronx Brewery, and music provided by our own artist j.robb, the festival sold out with over 400+ guests and debuted ten films shot in vertical created by global filmmakers.

Historically, we have all consumed content horizontally. However in recent years there has been an interesting shift between design vs. behavior - which is being driven by our mobile devices. Our smartphones have increasingly become extensions of our body and where we spend most of our time.

Today, there is a huge gap - the majority of vertical video is user generated (primarily selfies and parties) with no quality storytelling. We firmly believe that there is not only an opportunity, but an appetite for quality video in this format

Slim Cinema is a platform & film festival that focuses exclusively on vertical video. The festival highlights filmmakers and creators that explore this new dimension of creativity. It is a discovery of new constraints that breed creativity & inspects the new relationship with space that creators have to play with their audience. The way stories will be told will completely shift as these visual narratives will require new techniques.