B.I.G. Debut

In May of 2016, as a tribute to the legendary Notorious B.I.G., we held our debut show in the heart of Brooklyn on B.I.G.'s birthday. Hosted at The Wintercheck Factory, we sold out with over 350+ guests and featured headliner Flamingosis as well emerging artists Jael, Lege Kale, Airwav, The Kount, and Mikkoh.



FLAMINGOSIS - is a New Jersey-based electronic music producer, beatboxer, and DJ. Drawing on the influences from producers such as Flying Lotus and J Dilla, he creates engaging and soulful tracks. He is also apart of Keats CollectiveRootnote, andStereocure

LEGE KALE - is a creative young innovator hailing from Columbus, Ohio. He has been pushing the fold on music and blending the genres together in interesting ways. Lege continues to push forward to bring his unique style of beat-making to the masses. He is part of Modern Filth and Zen Supremacy.

THE KOUNT - is a proud member of the Fête Records family and has released projects with Darker Than Wax, Artist Intelligence Agency, Zen Supremacy, and Play It Louder Records. He has opened for BonoboBlockheadBrasstracksJMSN, and more.

JAËL - is a musician, beatmaker, DJ, and singer from the  the Netherlands (Drachten). His passion for music all began when he grew up with soul/funk classics and vinyl records. He is apart of Darker Than Wax, an electronic music label based in Singapore. 

ΛIRWAV - is producer from New York and music is his life. His sound has developed into his signature trippy, yet well defined trap vibe, with smooth melodies, leaving listeners ready to come back for more. He's played alongside EkaliDiversaGeotheory as well as collaborated with notable producers. He is apart of Smoothie Tunes and Daruma.

MIKKOH - is a DJ, producer, and recording artist based in Atlanta, Georgia. Her inspirations stem from her classical training, her mother’s vinyl collection, and her childhood in Atlanta. She is 1/2 ofMikoteau and co-creator of Bae Worldwide.


Zeehan Wazed


Thana Brick

Mensa Kondo